A Happy Caterpillar Bracelet

I was browsing beading tutorials on YouTube and came across this fun bracelet pattern “Beaded Fur Bracelet” by Svetlana McDaniel
Even though she speaks a different language than English it is very easy to follow and learn the pattern. ¬†Of course she probably gives you some tips that are important. So I’d like to share what I would do different when I make this pattern again – which I plan to do because it is so easy and comes out stunning!

This is a pretty simple pattern and the basic concept is diagrammed at the beginning very well. The basic pattern uses 3 seed beads to make a ring or base of the bracelet and then 5 seed beads make the “fur” or rings of the bracelet. As you are weaving make sure to keep your circles on the outside of the ring. Per usual beadweaving Always keep your tension tight. It doesn’t have to be perfect – if you miss a bead or add a bead this pattern is very forgiving.

Make sure to measure often as you go so you have an even sides as the pattern widens as you go. The tutorial is for a 15cm or 6in long bracelet. The following chart is found in the video and is very helpful. adjust the increasing to decreasing width of the pattern accordingly for sizing.

0-5cm = 5xSB
5-6.5cm = 7xSB
6.5-7cm = 9SB
7-8cm = 11xSB
8-9.5cm = 9xSB
9.5-10cm = 7xSB
10-15cm = 5xSB

The best part of this bracelet is that you can use almost any type of seed bead, even the “cheapie” ones you bought at the big box craft store before you knew better that quality matters. It even makes them shine!


3 thoughts on “A Happy Caterpillar Bracelet

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have some beads that would be perfect for this. This is my first time looking at your blog and I love how you have it set up. The pictures you chose for the top and background are great. Just enough on the background to be interesting, but it doesn’t detract from the actual blog. That makes reading the entry easier and I like that format. Your bracelet came out so cute!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love the multicolored bracelet and thank you for giving us something to do with those beads before we knew better LOL.

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