Learning Even Count Peyote: Wavy American Flag Bracelet

The wavy American Flag Bracelet is a great beginner’s project for bead weavers! This project will teach you flat even count peyote stitch, following a pattern, starting/stopping your thread.  Potomac Beading Company has put together an easy to follow video tutorial for The Wavy American Flag Bracelet.

When learning a new stitch I like to practice the stitch first and then complete a project to cement what I learned.  First, I suggest Jill Wiseman’s Flat Even Count Peyote Video and practicing with a larger size bead like  8 /0’s or square beads. Make a few rows until you are comfortable with the stitch. Remember that starting is the hardest part and it will be wonky until you are at least 4 rows into the stitch. Next make sure you understand how to add and end thread in peyote stitch and that you understand how to follow the thread path when you do so.  Again, Jill Wiseman has a great video – Adding and Ending Thread in Peyote Stitch.

Another important point to note. As a beginner I was hesitant to invest in some of the quality brand items every bead weaver will tell you to get – good needles, thread, and quality beads. I figured I could practice with the ‘cheap’ stuff and then upgrade later when I was proficient and knew I would keep at bead weaving. But, I learned (as many of us do) using lesser quality supplies will only frustrate you!  So go ahead and get the Tulip Needles, the Fireline Thread, and the quality seed beads. I promise it will be easier to learn and its worth it!

My first try at this project took me several attempts. I found I had missed beads and had to tear out half the project to fix the mistake. Then my starting/stopping thread didn’t hold and it fell apart.  But, this is all normal and part of the learning curve.  Once you master this you will be able to move on to even grander projects!

Making the Wavy American Flag Bracelet
Making the Wavy American Flag Bracelet

Its a fantastic piece to wear for patriotic holidays! You will get many compliments and people awe struck that you put every little bead onto it. For bonus points make sure you learn to create the toggle clasp too!


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