Lists and more lists…..

I’ve been absent from blogging for too long. I got out of the habit and had a hard time getting back into it.  So here goes I’m going to try again and promise to post regularly!

listing-clipart-shopping-listI LOVE lists!  I love organizing and one of my favorite tools is list making.  I have a bad reputation with my family for making “piles” – I like to help others clean up their clutter whether they like it or not, its an impulse!  I see posts of jewelry makers with very messy desks that they love to work in and helps their creative energy flow and I want to come over to their house and organize it for them so they have some space to work in! As  I work best in a tidy environment I probably spend too much time organizing and not enough creating.

jewelryI’ve begun to make lists of links that have helped me learn the art of jewelry making.  I have a list for every category:  sites with great jewelry patterns, references to help buy the right supplies, inspiring jewelry designers etc.  I suggest using Pinterest, Google Keep, and Evernote to keep track of bookmarks, projects lists, creative ideas, inspirations. I share these lists with you so that you can easily reference and learn from these sites as well.    I hope they will help beginning beaders get started and experienced beaders find more sources of inspiration!

These are just my favorites sites for jewelry making resources and bead patterns- there are lots and lots of beading websites out there and it would be impossible to include them all. I’ll be adding more blog posts with good resource lists too. So if your favorite isn’t on the list please comment and let me know  why its your favorite!

Jewelry Making Resources

All Free Jewelry Making
Jewel Info
Gano Skin Project 
Beading Times 
About Jewelry Making 
Jewelry Lessons

Bead Patterns

ACL Patterns & More 
Arleen Hardin 
Czech Beads Exclusive 
Lisa Yang Jewelry
Magpie Gemstones
Mirrix Looms
Deb Roberti’s Around The Beading Table
Bead Jewelry Making
3D Beading Patterns
Jaycee Patterns
The Heart Beading
Linda’s Crafty Inspirations
Off The Beading Path 
Turn the Bead Around 
The Bead Book
Sova Enterprises
Silver Hill Design 

Jewelry Making Magazines

Bead Style
Rock and Gem 
Laura Zeiner 
Simply Beads Kit Club 
Beading Daily
Bead And Button